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The Journey From Girl To Woman

The Journey From Girl To Woman

Nurturing and bringing up a child is one of the most difficult yet rewarding jobs in the world. Watching your child blossom into an independent and confident individual is the greatest gift for any parent. And if it is a daughter, the joy can increase manifold, since indulging her tantrums and dressing her up in those cute frocks and girly accessories can be a fun task for most parents. Also, daughters are known to be more caring and sensitive to their parents, especially in their old age, which makes it a gratifying experience altogether. Here are some tips to guide you in bringing up a strong and self-possessed woman who can take up any challenge the world throws at her.

Gender equality: Though this may sound cliché, making your daughter feel no less than a man is pivotal to instilling in her a sense of equality and justice. If a boy can climb a tree, so can she. If she likes doing stuff that are considered boyish, such as archery, shooting, boxing, rather than playing with dolls or cooking, give her the freedom to do what she wants. If you have a son too, encourage him in doing things which were traditionally considered feminine, such as cooking or cleaning the house. This will teach both of them to respect each other and not resort to cheap tactics to shun work.

Show your support: Any child needs to feel loved and supported, more so when it is a girl. Girls are known to be more perceptive and sensitive. So assuring her that you are there for her, no matter what she does or where she goes, can go a long way in improving her self-esteem and confidence. Be it her studies, work or hobbies, encourage her to do what she loves best and watch that pretty smile on her face when she succeeds in her goals.

Make her feel responsible: Running the house is the duty of every person in the house. So as your daughter grows up, delegate more responsibilities and duties to her, so she feels like an important part of the house. If she wishes to contribute financially for the house expenditures when she begins earning, welcome her to do so, since it will only help her manage her finances wisely.

Get to know her friends: Every daughter’s parent believes that it is their primary right to worry about her! But when your daughter goes to school or college or just out to have some fun, knowing whom she is with can take a huge load off your mind. So acquaint yourself with her friends and understand them, so that you can not only bond with her and them better, but also rest assured that she is in good company.

Have that sex talk: Educating your girl on her bodily changes and ways to cope with them can be a slightly daunting and tricky task for some parents. But it is essential to build her confidence and make her feel assured that nothing is wrong with her. The conversation can also remind your little princess that it is okay for her to share her feelings with you, which will only strengthen your bond and bring you both closer.

Encourage healthy habits: Teaching your little one the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle will do her much good in the future. Exercise and a healthy diet are necessary for a stable and happy mind and a fit body. So enjoy your meals and work out together, which is a clever way to combine fitness and family time.

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