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The Life Changing Management Lessons by Chanakya

The Life Changing Management Lessons by Chanakya

During the 4th century, the great philosopher and statesman wrote few administration ethics. Chanakya is regarded as the first economist of India. His management theories array royalty and wittiness from the ancient times. Chanakya documented the important phases of his life in a book named Arthashastra. The book ensures sound governance which is more than just lessons for life. Some of the best teachings by Chanakya are mentioned as follows:

1) There is a lot be learned from the mistakes committed by others. Life is too short to commit all mistakes by you

It has been correctly said that human life is erroneous. It is full of blunders and mistakes. Chanakya says that one should learn from the committed errors. These errors can be committed by you or some other person. The main purpose is to derive lessons from these mistakes and ensuring not to repeat them again. Life is really short to learn and commit errors. Therefore, make the best usage of what others have gained through their experiences.


2) No matter whether the snake is venomous or not, it must at least pretend to be one

Any person who displays himself to remain at the disposal of the world is bound of suffer adversities. Thus, you must always show your self-sufficiency and power to others. Even if you don’t have anything substantiate you, you must never reveal this truth to others. The world never cares for the weaker ones. Only strength is worshiped.

3) A person should not be excessively honest. Straight trees are the ones which are targeted first to be cut.

We all have heard that “Honesty is the best policy”. But in contrast, Chanakya says that one must never be too open and clear to the world. Sometimes, it’s better to keep some facts hidden and stop yourself from unleashing the truth. Too much of honesty can devastate lives. Therefore, it’s better to remain calm and quiet when honestly is not needed.

4) Hardworking and sincere people are the ones which remain happy

A person who indulges himself in his work is the one who receives contentment and happiness. Such a person does not get enough time to bother about what others are saying and doing as his whole sole motive is to achieve the best in his life. Society has always appreciated hardworking gems. The ones who remain constantly distracted feel restless as the society does not accept them.


5) A man takes birth in seclusion and dies in seclusion. His whole life is based upon his own deeds

Even Chanakya could not stop himself from preaching the importance of karma to the society. The great leader says that whatever we do shall be reaped by us. In order words “what you sow, so shall you reap”. The life quality of each person is based on his own deeds and thinking. Moreover, there is no point of seeking a permanent companionship as humans are born alone and have to die alone. No one shall accompany you in the major events of life. Hence, it’s pointless to expect permanency in any relation.

6) Destroy the fear before it destroys you

The main reason behind the downfall of any human is his fear and lack of confidence. Chanakya says that fear has a tendency to devastate the whole life a human. It can lead us nowhere. Hence, as soon as you think that something is overwhelming you or taking away your confidence, then face it and overcome it. The simple example of this teaching can be taken in form of a spider which is seen to be dreadful by most of the people. If you try to expose yourself to a spider and get over your fear, then definitely you will feel better after few frequent exposures

7) Education is unsurpassable

An educated person is above all. He is respected and admired by everyone. The power of education beats the power of beauty and youth. Humans must make constant attempts to learn and get educated. Your skills and education cannot be stolen by anyone. Your education shall help you to combat life adversities. An educated person develops wisdom and courtesy. Education is a method through which one can incredibly boost the personality.

8) The one who is over attached with is family is bound to suffer from and sorrows

The hidden lines behind this teaching focus upon karma. Our family is nothing but an arrangement by the almighty in accordance to our past karmas. Getting over attached to any family member is pointless as none of them shall accompany us throughout our lives. Each of our family members has a specific role play in our lives. As soon as it gets over, we get detached to them either through circumstances or death. In any case, there is no point in getting rigorous attachment because it would ultimately bring huge sorrows.

9) God exists within you. Human feelings and soul is the real temple and not the idols

Similar to the philosophies of Dalai Lama, Chanakya also does not believe in idol worshipping. He states that human soul is the real window through which everything can be achieved. The inner feelings shall give us joy, happiness and contentment and not by worshipping idols. One should try to regulate the inner feelings as they symbolize a temple in a true sense.

10) Your knowledge should not be confined to the possessions and books. Knowledge is of no use if it has no practical application

Chanakya realizes the importance of practical application of knowledge instead of the theoretical one. He states that the bookish knowledge is futile if it has no practical usage for you.

The world is full of fake conceptions and myths. The real truth is unleashed only after reading the divine theories of the learned souls. Chanakya has been one the most diligent management strategist of his time. His teachings and methodologies are being practiced till date. The proper application of Chanakaya’s thinking is bound to give eternal success.


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