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“The Materialism is the Primary Cause of All Grieves” –Isha Foundation

“The Materialism is the Primary Cause of All Grieves” –Isha Foundation

What is Motivation? Motivation is usually explained as the power that acts as the back-support for desires, wants, needs within an individual. It is the method of instigating to do actions and to achieve the aim. Quoting an example; today many teachers have a typical misunderstanding that students remain unmotivated. Truly speaking that is right. They are not motivated to study. However, when considered non-academically, they are pretty much motivated.

Isha foundation is one of the renowned foundations followed by millions of individual for receiving spiritual intellectual. The foundation teaches about the secret jewels that remain with humans for eternity. Their main objective is to develop intuitiveness, creativity, passionate, patience and love for another.

The spiritual gurus help us to follow the path of success. They motivate us to do better and help us to get rid of the lifelong strains.


The materialism is the primary cause of all grieves. Once you gain control over those unending desires, nothing remains difficult to achieve. Life becomes really simple when you learn to control it”.

                                                                                      —–Isha foundation


The Spiritual gurus simplify the learning process. At the beginning of the class, they introduce the real truths and mantras of happiness and help to achieve them. We get motivated with the aura of spiritualism that exists in their words and the entire ashramas. They always line up with the initial shape of the class and always close the class with an outline. They provide the opening for us to digest by asking dissimilar questions.

We are furnished with learning chance which motivates us to a new level. Spiritual gurus set demanding but realistic goals and tasks (overcoming worldly pleasures). We experience the presence of divine fuel us in a peculiar way. In the starting they make us believe that we can be victorious.

They let us enhance our grasping power on different spiritual subjects. They provide feedback based on those brain entangling questions. We get guided by the Spiritual gurus on the type of the feedback they get from us in the class or auditorium. They appreciate specific areas where we do well and identify areas that need improvement.

The gurus design learning occurrence that are relevant to our lives. They get to know us. Learn our names and create relationship with us with frequent communication. This makes us feel good and instigate us to do better. The constant touch with spiritual gurus of isha foundations has inspired millions of lives in uncountable ways. They have helped people to set themselves free from doping, drug addictions, depression, mental ailments and quirky habits. A true guru is the one who motivates you and lets you develop a connection with the divine.

So these are some of the ways through which Spiritual gurus can aid our eternal troubles. Just few healing words from them are enough to soothe the life.  If you too know about any other answer for the above question then let us know about in the view below.

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