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The Most Famous Teacher-Student Pairs The World Shall Never Forget

The Most Famous Teacher-Student Pairs The World Shall Never Forget

Students form an important part of our education system. In fact, they are the very purpose of it. We need to train and teach our students to be able citizens and kind and loving human beings and help them make the world a better place. As we celebrate World Student Day today, we decided to highlight some of the most famous teacher-student pairs we love. These teachers were counted among the world’s greatest leaders. But as they say, a teacher is only as good as the student. They went on to create history and made their teachers proud through their heroic acts and accomplishments, inspiring us to do the same.

Dronacharya-Arjuna: Two pivotal characters of the Mahabharata, Dronacharya and Arjuna were powerful warriors and expert archers. Dronacharya was known to be a strict teacher, but he had a particular soft corner for his beloved Arjuna, who in turn was forever obedient to Dronacharya. Dronacharya loved Arjuna so much that he not only favoured him over his son Ashwathama, but also asked Eklavya, a skilled archer who believed he had learnt archery by meditating upon Dronacharya’s statue, for his right thumb as gurudakshina so that he could never lift the bow and arrow ever again. Dronacharya left no stone unturned to ensure that Arjuna goes on to become unsurpassed in skill and fame as an archer. Arjuna too was ready to lay down his life for him, which was evidenced when he led a battle with his four brothers against King Drupada and his army, to win the half of the kingdom promised to Dronacharya.

Aristotle-Alexander: Perhaps one of the greatest and most popular teacher-student pairs, Aristotle and Alexander were two of the greatest men alive. Alexander was ambitious, focused and determined since childhood, but it was Aristotle who gave him the stability and self-control it required. Through Aristotle, Alexander was introduced to his favourite subjects, medicine, Greek poetry, politics and ethics, which guided him greatly during his international military campaigns. Aristotle’s teachings were made known to the world by Alexander, who promoted the Greek philosophy and way of life wherever he went.

Socrates-Plato: Socrates, one of the most influential philosophers in Greek history, was a mentor to Plato, another popular thinker. While Socrates revolutionised the world with his groundbreaking ideas, Plato took them to a new level by building around them further and documenting them in a treatise called Dialogs. Socrates’ legacy did not die out, but was made more popular by Plato and his student, Aristotle, who in turn mentored the powerful conqueror, Alexander the Great.

Chanakya-Chandragupta Maurya: Chanakya was a well-known Indian philosopher and economist. But he was even more famous as the man responsible for building the mighty Mauryan Empire. Though it was Chandragupta who founded it, it was Chanakya who guided him all the way to the throne and even after Chandragupta ascended it. Also, although many attempts were made on Chandragupta’s life, Chanakya’s quick wit and wisdom saved his life over and over again. Under Chanakya’s expert advice and brilliant strategies, Chandragupta, who was originally a poor boy living in the forest, flourished as an emperor and warrior. His empire saw the birth of the great emperor Ashoka and of Buddhism, which changed the course of history forever and made the world a more peaceful and better place.

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