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The Mysticism Of Egyptian Pyramids – The Energy Centres Of The World: Part 1

The Mysticism Of Egyptian Pyramids – The Energy Centres Of The World: Part 1

The tall, spectacular pyramids of Egypt situated in the midst of sun-kissed deserts are a popular tourist attraction and one of the main reasons why people love to visit the land of the Pharaohs. There has always been a sort of mystery and mysticism attached to these structures of mathematical and scientific brilliance. Ancient Egypt was a centre of spiritual knowledge and power and the pyramids are a standing proof of this fact. Used as a tomb for the Egyptian royals and elite especially, they continue to be a point of fascination and awe for scientists, tourists and spiritual investigators alike. But what makes them so special and powerful?

The pyramids are believed to be the centre of cosmic energies, which makes them a really powerful and mystical place to be in. Most people can’t withstand its powerful vibes and can be easily overwhelmed by its energy. Researchers attribute this phenomenon to the clever geometric shape of the pyramids, which serves as a point of attraction for cosmic power. The power not only helped preserve the Egyptian mummies better since they were placed right at the centre of the pyramid, but is also a reason why people experience mystical and sometimes eerie vibes within the walls of the pyramids. Even the great French conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte who brought the secrets of Ancient Egypt to the modern world was not left alone. During his Egyptian campaign, he wished to experience a night alone in the royal chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza. However, only after seven hours, he returned to his waiting soldiers, pale and alarmed. When they asked him what the matter was, he simply retorted, “Even If I told you, you would not believe me.” What he saw is unknown to the world and to his soldiers, but people believe the power within the pyramids may have helped him see visions of his future fame and glory as emperor and first Consul of France.

Find out what scientists discovered about Napoleon’s visit to the pyramids, in the second and concluding part of the article.

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