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The Philosophies Of Brahmacharya Which Can Transform Your Life

The Philosophies Of Brahmacharya Which Can Transform Your Life

Brahmacharya is a sublime concept and a way of life as described in Hindu culture which is also sadly the most misunderstood religious and spiritual concept in the world. Literally translated as ‘behaviour and way of life which leads to Brahman or the Creator’, it is commonly interpreted as celibacy and sexual abstinence, which has made it an esoteric practice that is slowly fading away from society. However, Brahmacharya is a much deeper concept which involves mastery over the senses and awakening our supreme inner powers for greater spiritual progress and development. Here are 5 simple ways you can lead a life of a true Brahmacharya, without having to find your way to the forest or mountains!

Use your energies well: The idea of Brahmacharya is to guide us to use our energies – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical – to their fullest, without wasting them on unnecessary and pointless pursuits. A large portion of our day is spent in worrying about things which don’t benefit us in any way. This constant worrying consumes our energies and makes us lethargic, lackluster and dissatisfied with life. Focus your energies on things which matter most: spending time with your family and friends, enhancing your career, improving your health and fitness holistically, and giving time to yourself. Things which don’t make you happy and energetic don’t deserve to be a part of your life.

Detox: Complete detoxification once in a while ensures that your mind, body and soul are freed from the clutter and toxins that clog them. Detoxification does not mean only fasting. Fasting can certainly cleanse your body and mind of all toxic waste, but you also need an emotional and spiritual detox. Evaluate those things and people in your life which drain your energies and make your life toxic, and then detach them from your life forever. Meditation too can help you connect with and elevate your spiritual self, however it needs to be a discipline and consistent way of life.

Have realistic goals: Goals are meant to push us to achieve our best. But if our goals are unrealistic, not only will we fail to achieve them, but also we may become angry, irritable and negative beings. Have clear and realistic goals which are attainable and motivate you daily to do your best and improve your skills and experience. Your dreams and goals are meant to guide you and not make you feel worthless and disenchanted with life. So get out there, define your goals and work to see them come alive!

Adopt healthy habits: Your mind is also affected by your lifestyle. Having a healthy lifestyle ensures that your energies are not blocked by greasy junk food and a sedentary lifestyle which hampers your metabolism and causes poor digestion and bloating. Eat nutritious food and exercise for at least half an hour a day and see yourself transform into a fitter and happier you. Besides, you will witness a surge in your energy level and be able to do more in a day, which will allow you to devote more time to your creative and spiritual growth.

Be creative: Creativity liberates our mind and awakens our spiritual energies. Displaying your creative side not only guides your energies towards higher pursuits, but also leaves you feeling wonderful and happy. It releases your pent up emotions and ignites your mind, wiring it for happiness and spiritual enlightenment. Creativity is not only about painting, writing, singing or dancing. Each one of us has a creative side to us, be it cooking, gardening or even decorating our house. Even doing something you haven’t done before, is being creative.

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