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The Power of Confession

The Power of Confession

We try deluding ourselves by believing that we have not committed any sin or mistake, but we cannot escape from the truth for a longer time. Confessing is an act of expressing guilt over the things that happened in the past with a view to improving your future. Feeling of deep regret and remorse can psychologically affect you. It can mentally strain you along negatively affecting your routine functioning. Confession alone can liberate you from guilt. Irrespective of our religious or spiritual beliefs, one needs to understand the healing power of confession and how it can help you live a stronger and better life.

In the Bible ‘confessing your sins’ is a supreme deed that should be practiced by all. It states that sin can weaken your spiritual strength if one expresses remorse god will be faithful and free him from unrighteousness. Although god is aware of all the sins committed by us, he knows that only a submissive and humble person will ask for forgiveness. Prayer of a humble person will free him from all past, present and future sins and will be forgiven by Jesus. It will cleanse a man’s spirit and give him immense power.


The healing power of confession can only be understood if one has tried confessing his mistakes. Talking about the ones who have benefited from it Preeti George says “My mother and I never had a strong relationship, there were rifts and difference of opinion between us. This created huge barriers in our relationship and eventually we stopped talking to each other. I moved out got married without informing her. Suddenly one day I got a call from her informing that she was on her deathbed struggling with cancer. This made me realise what I had done. Seeing her I would howl and shout for nights at a stretch and would hold myself responsible for her condition. Her state deteriorated each day and finally I decided to apologise for all the trouble she faced because of me. I sat in the hospital beside her bed, held her hand and asked for her forgiveness telling her that she was never at fault and I always desired a beautiful daughter and mother relationship. It was not possible to express how much I loved her. Although she was unconscious still I could feel that she could hear me. The very next day she died. Through this confession I felt that my soul had liberated. The Space had been emptied that had occupied me from within for a long time. I have no remorse as I have managed to achieve the desired inner peace”.

Self- blame and the negative cycle of guilt can harm you from within. It can disrupt your mind and make you emotionally and physically weak. While acceptance is the key to all problems, one’s conscience has to be developed to confess. Confession can also have several impacts such as

 1. It strengthens our will power

When we start confessing for our faults, we get the power of self- control that lets us withstand those adverse circumstances that we have to face in our life. We end up giving our desire and develop self -judgment which makes us choose the path that is morally correct. We start believing in ourselves and gain confidence.

2. Confession helps us to identify ourselves

It makes us realise who we are, how much we have degraded and gives us strength and opportunity to improve. It helps us in identifying our mistakes and breaks our immorality and misconduct. Confession can make us a better person by combating our faults.

3. Achieving Faith in god

Confession can help you believe in the existence of god. It can help in eliminating your weakness once you start relying on god. You can understand the need for god’s help to live your life peacefully. You will become god-fearing which will stop you from leading your life to the path of immorality. By confession, you will start being humble, patient and loving and achieve the saintly qualities which Jesus Christ had. Each person who turns to god in actual repentance and faith will be forgiven by him.

4. It can help in attaining peace

Guilt from the mistakes we commit can make us lose our peace and happiness. Sins can make us their slaves by overpowering us and making us weak. Once the relationship with god improves, we will start feeling positive and can control our lives in a better way. Spiritual closeness to god can be felt if we admit our faults before him. This will calm our mind and give us inner peace which will remove all negative thoughts and help us to forgive ourselves.

5. It can integrate your life


There are people who are sinful but they don’t take the charge to admit. They isolate their lives from other people. They reach a crucial stage in their life where they start developing fear and insecurity. If you start sharing your guilt with someone you will feel less burdened and will feel free from the shackles of guilt. This will refine your life and you will be able to communicate better with people. It will help you confide in others and develop trust and understanding in a relationship.

God can forgive you, but only relationships can heal you. It is said that we should admit our faults to one another and pray for each other so that we may be healed. We should be real to each other. Dishonesty and playing games will make you lonely and introvert. If we find a confiding partner with whom we can confess our sins, our guilt will automatically mitigate.

Life is too small to regret. We should prevail over our guilt by the act of confession. Most important thing is that we should inculcate forgiveness in our lives. We have to learn to forgive others to let them free off their guilt and also learn to forgive ourselves so that we never stay troubled with the feeling of regret.

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