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The Power Of Positive Thinking

The Power Of Positive Thinking

What Can The Power Of Positive Thinking Do?

Most of us have been hearing “be positive” in distressing situations from our relatives, friends and colleagues. Why do all of them say the same thing? How can being positive help? Well! The answer is “positive vibes”. Actually, when you think positive, then the aura around you begins to transform itself into a positive one.

The magnetic field that gets generated because of the negativity within your thoughts can harm your health and lead to negative circumstances. Whereas, in contrast, being positive shall give you that peculiar power to battle the worse situations of life


In Deep Thoughts

A positive being accepts everything wilfully. Such a person sees the positive aspect of everything and makes relevant adjustments. A positive thinking changes your approach to take up things. It instills confidence and makes you fearless.

John was always one of the most studious fellows of his class. He used to score really well in examinations and non-academic activities. However, when he was selected for an international company, his apprehensiveness resulted in the lack of confidence. John approached the company and was constantly self-conscious for his weak personality, whereas smith, the other fellow who was literally a backbencher was able to make up till the end. Did smith bribe the faculty? No way! It was all about his approach which made him achieve the job.

Considering the example; negative thoughts always keep us away from achieving things in life. By keeping negativity in mind, we commit silly mistakes and end up losing lifetime opportunities. There is no magic spell for generating positivity.  Just keeping your approach different and mind free from clutter is enough to let things work straight.

With some positivity in your head, you can have that peculiar glow and a curvy smile over your face. Your eyes shall be shinier and attitude shall be a jovial one.  The charisma of a positive soul attracts people towards them. Such people not only help themselves, but also create a better environment around them.


Taking another example; suppose you are crossing a jungle and you saw tiger coming towards you. The negative thoughts will program your mind to behave negatively. It will make the person run and show signs of fear which may stimulate the tiger attack. However, if you remain positive and do not trigger negativity, then the tiger may simply cross without harming you at all.

Negativity activates negative words, sour mood and unhappy personality. When you have a negative mind, your thoughts become poisonous. These thoughts keep on wandering within you and give birth to frustration, failure and disappointments.

What to do then? Constant urge to learn and pursuing everything with a hope is the only way to have positivity. Hunt for the ways to escalate happiness. Indulge yourself in writing, nurturing greenery, visiting orphanages, making new friends, perceiving natural beauty and maintaining health.  

In order to stay happy all you need to do remain goal-oriented and focused.  Self-talk also helps, but for that, you have to be positive.  If you keep a negativity approach, the negative outcomes of mental chatter shall trouble you, whereas, a mind with positivity shall give you viable solutions and reasons to live.

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