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The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking

On your way to office, have you stopped to compliment a stranger or thanked your building watchman for his service? If not try it today and see how you make someone’s day with a few kind words. The power of positive words should not be underestimated since it has a huge impact on the way we go about life and perceive things. A positive word can not only lift our mood, but also bring a wonderful energy and perspective to our work, relationships and daily routine. Harness the power of the spoken word to boost your day by following these few simple tips.

Compliment: A compliment is an effective and wonderful way to cheer someone up and make them feel good about themselves. It only affects other positively but also brings happiness to you with the simple exchange of kind words. Be genuine in your compliment and avoid flattery. You can simply say something nice about their dress, look, work or attitude and enjoy the pleasure of a smile spreading across their face.

Say ‘Please’: Adding the word ‘Please’ before a request or order can make a huge difference to your statement and the response of the other person. It not only makes you appear polite and courteous, but also make the other person happy to help you.

Love: Love as you know, is a powerful feeling which keeps the world moving and melts even the hardest of hearts. Expressing your love to your family, friends and others whom you hold dear to your heart is the best thing you can do for yourself and for them. Simple sentences such as ‘I love you’ and ‘I care for you’ breathes life into relationships and energises you to take on the world.

So go ahead, express your love, appreciation and gratitude to the world and see how the world turns into a better place within moments!

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Express gratitude: Gratitude is a powerful feeling which invites abundance and positive vibes into our life. Be thankful to others for simple gestures such as when someone opens the door for you, gives you a helping hand at work, gives you a kind piece of advice or anything which you feel merits a show of gratitude. You can also thank those unappreciated for their work or service to the public, such as the bus conductor, traffic cop, your domestic help or office peon.

Apologise: Although ‘sorry’ can be associated with negative emotions of guilt, shame, regret and repentance, it is actually a powerful word which can mend broken relationships and strengthen existing bonds. If you have ever hurt someone knowingly or unknowingly, go up to them and apologise specifically for your mistake. If nothing else, you will at least be relieved of having done your duty of asking their forgiveness.

Forgive: It may so happen that many a times, people hurt us and may or may not apologise to us or it, but it is important to forgive them despite everything, since feelings of resentment and hate will only fill us with negative energies and pull us down in life. Forgive others for the wrong they did to you and even better, express your forgiveness to them so that they can know that you as well as they are freed from hatred and/ or guilt.

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