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The Power Of “Thank you”

The Power Of “Thank you”

Reader Meet Shah contributes an exclusive article for Pious Prayers, emphasising the power of two simple words – Thank You. This post is his personal experience and we hope that the message spreads some sunshine your life as well.

Life is really quite simple, complicated by us, and if I had to put the explanation in the best form, it’s a want inside a want inside a want till the Nth want. But in the end it’s a Balance Sheet of Karma.

A couple of years ago, a young professor at college requested his class to only practice one thing as a permanent home assignment, say Thank You to any person who does even the smallest thing for you, right from your domestic help at home to the watchman at your office building. One of his student took this assignment quite seriously. That evening, as he took his usual short auto rickshaw ride home, he decided to implement his teacher’s instruction. And so that rickshaw driver was greeted with a Thank you that was heartfelt and also given a couple of rupees more than the fare. The driver was left absolutely shocked as most of the customers in the area were usually rude, and would even make the driver forego his due money if he didn’t have the change. This man has been driving his rickshaw in the area for over 20 years and it was the family’s primary source of income. He gave a broad smile and left after the young student entered the compound and disappeared behind the walls.

A few months later, the same driver happened to pick up the same student. The student didn’t remember him but the driver immediately recognised the boy. When the boy hailed the vehicle, he informed the driver that he was out of change and would have to go home and pay him the money, the driver agreed. When they reached the building the boy got off and thanked the driver. He ran towards his house for the money but the driver stopped him and said that he didn’t want this fare. He smiled and said that you had paid me earlier with a smile. The boy insisted that driver wait for a few minutes till he went home and got the fare. But the driver flatly refused and left. The boy went home pondering over the incidents of the day. One small action from a time not too far away paid back and how. Different people may react differently but in the end they may just want to convey the same message.

Never underestimate the power of a simple Thank You, gratitude and good behaviour. The universe is listening and will give you back manifold what you have given it. Let’s begin the first day of the last month of the year with some gratitude for what we have in life!

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