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The Power of Truth

The Power of Truth

Don’t tell a lie! Your Conscience Would Still Know

Truthfulness is very important for the smooth functioning of the relationships and other activities of life. Telling a lie may render instant gains. However, when analysed on long-term basis, a lie has the power to devastate your entire life. Truth can integrate and simplify things. It may generate few problems on your path, but eventually, it will all get neutralised with the fruits of honesty.


Choice Truth Falsity

The truth has a peculiar and divine power to get unleashed even it is hidden with utmost wittiness. The past has witnessed some of the unbelievable ways how truth managed to get justice. The divine power of truth must be realised as soon as possible.

There is nothing like accidental lie

There is nothing like half-truth or accidental lie. The statements must not be deceived in nature. They should be impulsive and naturally framed. Any fabrication or amendment in the sentences can give birth to falsehood.  Exaggeration of the truth is also a form of a lie. The more you stress upon a particular thing, the more possibility is there for it to get manipulated. Therefore, if no one is ready to believe you, then staying quiet is a better option as truth will eventually find its way.



Peace of mind guaranteed

Telling the truth brings peace of mind. It lets you maintain those high dignity levels for yourself.  Remember that our inner conscious is always judging us. Hence, if we have won others by telling a lie, then we can never be at peace. Truth might make things fall apart. But, it will assure a peculiar mental peace.  Only a truthful person can be a good partner, friend and a colleague. A person, who speaks the truth, reflects his core value.

Truthfulness gives birth to deeper connections

Definitely, a person who speaks truth is more reliable. Such a person has a greater respect despite of no or lesser wealth. Telling truth is a form of divinity. A person who knows the difference between right and wrong would never choose to befool anyone by doing fake promises and establishing false standards. It takes courage to speak truth, and a person who is away from the power of divine would never be courageous enough.

You might think that telling truth won`t set things right. It won’t create much difference as things can seem better when manipulated. However, I personally believe in achieving long-term goals through honestly. The art of truthfulness is always eternal. All Religions have been seen to advocate the power of truthfulness.

  • A person becomes successful with honesty and constant truth speaking
  • Truth speakers are healthier as they remain at peace most of the time.
  • The truth teller have a pride and grace of their own
  • The liars don’t have a good memory. They are bound to forget what they said at some or the other point of time.
  • The truth tellers always remain out of legal troubles. They remain in a safer zone most of the time
  • People speaking truth are more confident about everything
  • Fabrication often gets unleashed and leaves dirty scars behind, whereas revelation of truth brings respect and sympathy.

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