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The Science Of Healing Beyond Chakras

The Science Of Healing Beyond Chakras

Healer and Reiki expert Manoj Soral enlightens on the art of healing beyond the commonly known chakras and how different parts of our body are the emotional energy centers which affect our body in a tangible, physical manner.

Everybody who has read or heard even a little about Yoga and healing has heard the Sanskrit word ‘chakra’.

Over the past century, this word has been defined in many ways by different people. However very few, especially in the modern world are aware that all the popular definitions of chakras and the psychological states associated with them do not find mention in any ancient Sanskrit texts!

In fact, almost the entire modern literature on chakra is based on or influenced by an English translation of a Sanskrit text written in the year 1577. And according to Sanskrit scholars, that translation has many flaws!

Although modern knowledge about chakras may be inadequate, many healers and spiritual seekers assert that there are certain energy centers in the body which govern and regulate our psychological states and emotions.

According to these healers, the diseases that we suffer from are directly connected to our attitude towards ourselves, the people in our lives and towards life itself. All diseases begin with negative energy getting accumulated in the energy centers.

The ailment that we suffer from is directly related to the center where this negative energy has got stuck. For instance, if you are finding it difficult to deal with issues of responsibility, chances are that you could have problems in your shoulder region.


If you are unable to or are trying to avoid expressing your true feelings, or even suppressing them over a period of time, you may develop problems relating to the throat area. If there is disharmony in your relationship with your spouse or friend, you may develop problems in your kidneys and lungs and so on.

So, how do you find what your problem is? It is simple. Where do you experience the dis-ease in your body at the moment? What is the function of that part of the body? For instance, the nose and lungs are for breathing, which is inhaling and exhaling.

That is a process of give and taking, of ‘taking in’ pure air from the external world and ‘letting go of’ the impure air. If you find your nose blocked, what is it telling you? Go deep into yourself and find out if you have any problems with absorbing and letting go of something.

Or is there something that you want to release but cannot? You can scan your entire body in this manner and discover the root cause of your unease. And once you discover your problem, you can also accelerate its healing by becoming aware of it.

The diagram above is just for your reference. The energy centers and psychological states linked to them may not be exactly similar in your case (for instance, in many individuals, the energy of fear may get accumulated in the throat area).

So, in order to begin your healing process, just check if your energy is flowing smoothly or are you finding it difficult to deal with a certain aspect of your life? Focus on that aspect and then on the uneasiness in your body.

In which part of the body do you feel the pain, irritation or discomfort? Visualise this region in the body in a pool of healing white light and just observe your thoughts and feelings flowing by. A regular practice of this healing method will give your body and mind the strength to deal with whatever is troubling you.

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