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The Seven Forms Of The Tandava Dance

The Seven Forms Of The Tandava Dance

Tandava is a dance of passion, anger and intense energy, performed by Lord Shiva, who is also known as Nataraja or the Lord of Dance. Though the tandava dance is generally associated with his violent form called Rudra, according to Hindu scholars, there are seven types of tandava which he performs in different moods. Read on to know more about these forms.

Tripura tandava: This dance was performed by Lord Shiva after he killed three demons who were collectively known as Tripurasura. They were the demon Tarakusara’s sons and were named Vidyunmali, Tarakaksha and Viryavana. This dance symbolises Shiva’s anger and courage.

Kali tandava: The Kali tandava is also another one of his destructive dance forms, in which he takes on the form of Bhairava.

Gauri tandava: Gauri tandava represents the destructive form of Lord Shiva, wherein he dances violently in the form of Bhairava or Veerabhadra along with Gauri at a cremation ground in the presence of spirit attendants.

Ananda tandava: In his happy form, Lord Shiva performs the ananda tandava. It means the dance of bliss, and symbolises utter joy and ecstasy. It is supposed to have been performed by him after he killed Tripurasura and finished performing the Tripura tandava, when Goddess Uma performed the lasya dance to calm him down. Her dance pleased him so greatly that his happiness was expressed in the form of the ananda tandava.

Sandhya tandava: The Sandhya tandava is a peaceful and relaxed dance performed by Lord Shiva during the evening. While he dances, other gods and goddesses stand around him and admire his dance. Few of them such as Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Indra even play musical instruments to enhance the beauty and richness of the dance.

Samara tandava: Samara means destruction. So Samara tandava is one of Lord Shiva’s violent dances when the entire universe is destroyed.

Uma tandava: Uma tandava is the same as Gauri tandava. But the only difference lies in the fact that here, it is Uma and not Gauri who is his consort.

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