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The Third Eye Of Lord Shiva: A Source Of Inquisitiveness

The Third Eye Of Lord Shiva: A Source Of Inquisitiveness

Lord Shiva has a totally distinct identity amongst all Hindu Gods. He is known to be an epitome of innocence and compassion. He is the father of the universe and is known to be the protector of the world. There are many mythologies linked with him that prove how karma can catch hold of you no matter how smart you are. Just by enchanting the name of lord Shiva, a human can get rid of all his bad karmas and potential punishments.

Lord Shiva is manifested with various interesting symbols like snakes, moon, Ganga, drum and the powerful Third eye. Each symbolic of lord Shiva has an interesting storyline behind it. The third eye of lord Shiva not only represents a destructive force but also power and wisdom. Shiva rarely opens his third eye, but when he does, it is a sure transmutation; a transmutation for a betterment and eradication of evil.

After the demise of sati, lord Shiva was grief stricken and vowed never to remarry. He left his cave and went on the Himalayas for meditation. Sati took a rebirth and was all set to marry lord Shiva. But, despite all the efforts of Gods and Goddess, it was not possible to bring Shiva out of his meditation.

Lord Shiva

All the Gods together planned and sent Kama (the God of love and desire), to lure lord Shiva for Pārbati. The Kama hit lord Shiva with an arrow which resulted in opening of his third eye followed by the destruction of Kama. The third eye of Shiva henceforth represents the outright rejection of the worldly desires. He had a pure dedication to his first love that was unbreakable by any form of distraction.

Another story in which we come to know about the significance of lord Shiva’s third eye includes; Goddess Pārbati playfully closed both the eyes of Shiva and the world indulged, darkness and bewilderedness. In order to provide light to the world, lord Shiva opened his third eye. The heat of his eye made the palms of Pārbati perspire and a drop of sweat fell over the earth in form of a little child. That baby was named as Andhaka. He was adopted by one of the devotees of lord Shiva. Also, he was given a boon that he will die only when he shall aspire for a woman.

On receiving the boon, Andhaka tried conquering the world. In the midst of his venture, he chased Pārbati and got engrossed in her beauty. He was subsequently killed by lord Shiva. The third eye of lord Shiva does not signify just one thing. It has whole lots of hidden meanings behind it. The eye redirects the humans towards the path of knowledge, sacredness, wisdom and power. There is a lot to be learned from the stories of lord Shiva.

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