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This Group Of 8 Indian Goddesses Deserve To Be Worshipped For A Holistic Life

This Group Of 8 Indian Goddesses Deserve To Be Worshipped For A Holistic Life

Wealth and success are the primary goals which motivate human beings to work. There’s no doubt about the fact that attaining wealth is an enjoyable and immensely pleasurable activity! In India, there is a goddess especially designated to the purpose of accumulation and preservation of wealth, known as Goddess Lakshmi. But a lesser known fact is, Lakshmi actually has eight forms called Ashta (meaning ‘eight’) Lakshmi, each of which symbolizes a different characteristic such as money, success, virtues and power. Know how her eight forms and their virtues, worshipped for a holistic growth in life.

Adi Lakshmi: The first and foremost form of Goddess Lakshmi is Adi (primeval) Lakshmi or Maha (great) Lakshmi, who symbolises the eternal wealth which never gets exhausted. Adi Lakshmi is venerated for an endless supply of riches and comforts along with emotional wealth and is one of the most powerful and popular forms of the goddess.

Dhaanya Lakshmi: Dhaanya Lakshmi, the goddess of agriculture is prayed to in Indian homes for a plentiful harvest and abundance of food. Also, inculcating the values of this goddess in our child can teach it a lesson about the value of food and the importance of not wasting it. Food is the most vital element of our existence, and praying to this goddess is believed to be important as her blessings ensure that there is no dearth of food.

Dhairya Lakshmi: Dhairya Lakshmi or Veera Lakshmi is the goddess of courage and strength. Praying to her regularly can help you connect with your inner self and face life’s battles with strength, courage and patience.

Vijaya Lakshmi: Vijay, meaning success or victory, is held very important in every person’s life. Who doesn’t want to succeed in life or emerge victorious in the battle of life? Praying to this goddess fill you with the energy needed to ace the race of success.

Dhana Lakshmi: As her name implies, Dhana (wealth) Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Worshipping her attracts material wealth such as gold, money, land and other possessions, which is something every person wants and desires.

Santaana Lakshmi: Children, called santaan in Hindi, are considered to be a gift of God and a treasure for their parents in Indian Santaana Lakshmi is the goddess of progeny, and her blessings are invoked to fulfill the desire of giving birth to and nurturing children.

Vidya Lakshmi: In India, knowledge is a highly treasured and revered commodity which is important for every student and employee, besides education being an important tool to propel your Besides Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning, Vidya (knowledge) Lakshmi is a lesser-known goddess venerated for knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

Gaja Lakshmi: Gaja means elephant in Hindi or So Gaja Lakshmi, literally translated as Elephant Lakshmi, is the goddess of cattle and elephants. Before you begin to wonder how accumulating agricultural wealth can benefit you, you must know that India was primarily an agricultural country, so cattle and elephants held immense value for the farming community. Nevertheless, in today’s times, Gaja Lakshmi is symbolic of wealth, business growth and profits. So praying to this form of the goddess helps your take your business to new heights of growth and success.

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