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Top 5 Train Trails To Take

Top 5 Train Trails To Take

As the world has progressed from riding animals to zooming around on bikes and in cars and buses, one mode of transport which runs even today, faithfully and steadfastly, is the humble old train. An important part of every childhood vacation and office-goer’s hectic schedule, trains are one of the best ways to explore local life and the regional countryside. But these trains are also a traveler’s best friend. What better way to explore a place than to travel through it? We give you 5 Indian train trails every traveler should take in his lifetime.

Mandovi Express (Mumbai-Goa): Named after the famous Mandovi river which runs between Goa and Karnataka, the Mandovi Express links the money capital of India, i.e. Mumbai with the Indian party hub, Goa. This route passes between the majestic Sahyadri hills on one side and the endless Arabian Sea on the other. If you wish to escape busy city life, head out to the city where the biggest Indian EDM festival Sunburn is coming soon, book your tickets now and allow yourself to be transported to the place of your dreams. Or rather, if you have had enough of the beaches and the sun, indulge in some fashionable street shopping on Colaba Causeway or Hill Road or Link Road in Mumbai and eat your heart’s fill of vada pavs and pani puris!

The Snow Sojourn (Qazigund – Baramulla): A perfect trip to take during the chilly, biting winters of Kashmir, the Snow Sojourn will make you experience heaven on earth, literally! Actually known as Heaven on Earth, Kashmir is a delightful and enchanting place to be in and even more so during the winter, with snow heaped all over the place and bare trees making a pretty silhouette against the stark white sky. The Snow Sojourn starts at Qazigund and ends its scenic journey at Baramulla located on the banks of the Jhelum river, but not until it has shown you the magical views of the famed Kashmir Valley, the Chinar trees and beautiful snow-capped peaks.

The Indian Maharaja – Deccan Odyssey (Pune-Delhi): If living life king-size is more your style, you need to experience the journey within the Indian Maharaja-Deccan Odyssey, which is a throwback to the bygone era of kings and queens. The ten-night long trip from Pune to the national capital Delhi will not leave you craving for anything, since it houses a rejuvenating Ayurvedic massage centre, gymnasium, beauty salon, steam baths, gourmet restaurants, a well-stocked library and impressive conference rooms, besides opulent luxury suites, air-conditioned coaches and your very own personal attendant!

Desert Queen (Jodhpur-Jaisalmer): If you prefer a sunny climate, you’ll get endless amounts of it in the Desert Queen, which runs between the Rajasthani cities of Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. This trip is a montage of colourful, painted mud houses dotted on the desert landscape, mingled with the sight of numerous camels munching away to glory amidst the sparse vegetation.

Himalayan Queen (Kalka-Shimla): This ride from Kalka to Shimla takes you through 102 tunnels and 82 bridges in a pretty and adorable toy train, which will appease the inner child within you and make your journey even more special and sweet. Moreover, you’ll be surprised to learn that the train runs on a UNESCO world heritage site, i.e. the Kalka-Shimla railway which was added to the prestigious list in 2008. For adrenaline junkies, this trip will totally blow your mind, since it offers the steepest rise in altitude within a span of 96 kilometers, for which by the way it holds the Guinness World Record. What’s more, the steep rise gives you breathtaking views of lush forests and valleys, adding to the charm and beauty of the entire journey.

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