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Top 7 Mantras To Attain Tranquility

Top 7 Mantras To Attain Tranquility

Do you really think that something in this world can be a source of calmness? Is there really a permanency in searching pacification besides your own whereabouts? Umm.. I doubt. Calmness is a phenomenon when you start controlling your brain instead of vice-versa.  Chant few positive mantras and recall almighty in-between your packed schedules. Gradually, you’ll attain a state of mind that is calm and eternal. Let’s ponder upon some exemplary techniques to achieve tranquility:

 1. Ask yourself “why”?

As soon as you begin asking yourself the question “why”, I swear you will stop uttering those harsh words along with putting an end to those un-required deeds. The more you give attention to what you are doing, lesser you do something wrong thereby attaining a mental peace.

 2. Control your anger

Just be quiet when you feel like emanating poison during the temporal anger phase. The spoken words have a lifelong impact upon the speaker and the listener. They leave a deep scar that becomes a cause of regret and restlessness.


 3. Spend your resources on helping others

It’s quite  nice to be penny wise, but acting miser is a different thing. You must not try to always be self centred and keep accumulating the resources you have. Spend it on others. It shall make them happy and attracted more people towards you.

 4. Try to understand things

Sometimes, we fall prey to the negative situations of life. We get entangled and are unable to find a way out. In such a case just wait and try to create a deeper understanding of things. May be today it seems incomprehensible, but later definitely you will be answered why was it made to happen.

 5. Be open

The more secretive and hideous you are,  the more complicated shall things be for you. It becomes really difficult to battle the problems of life alone. By sharing your problems with others, you will at least have a light heart. Moreover, there are so many good people on this earth who may lend a helping hand in times of need.


 6. Meditate

Perhaps, the best thing that you can do to control your mind. Mediation has a manifold power to extract bad habits away from you. It turns you in a better person and lets you generate that relentless bond with the almighty.

 7. Redirect your energy

Now, this is only possible when you realise your true worth and potentiality. It is a step subsequent to meditation. Once you’ve discovered yourself, try to use your energy exquisitely.  Input it in such a way where you shall reap a positive aftereffect of it.

Attainment of mental peace is the prerequisite of human endurance. If your mind is at unrest, then nothing can give you that happiness. Try to limit your desires and develop more of spirituality in you. After all, materialism is what causes real anxiety.

Please feel free to let us know about your views on the attainment of calmness.

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