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Want To Increase Your Wealth? Allow Money Feng Shui To Guide You

Want To Increase Your Wealth? Allow Money Feng Shui To Guide You

Who does not wish for wealth and prosperity? Most human effort is directed towards achieving fame, creative satisfaction, fulfilment, prosperity and riches so that one can live a happy, content and comfortable life. Feng shui, the ancient Chinese wisdom for holistic living, contains some profound ideas and tips to attract wealth and boost one’s financial position. Follow these tips and watch how the Universe conspires to help you achieve your financial goals.

  • Water is a powerful element which can enhance the flow of wealth into your house. Add a fountain, fish sculptures, seashells, paintings with scenes of water flowing or buy a fish tank and place it in the southeast corner of your living room. Ensure the fish (arowana or dragon fish is your best option) are healthy and fed on time and their water is cleaned regularly. If you have a fountain, make sure that the water flows into your home and the fountain is turned off at night so as to let the energies rest. Do not keep the water elements in your bedroom however, since it can reverse the positive effect of water.
  • Declutter your home. Clutter disrupts the flow of chi (energy) into the house, thereby obstructing the flow of positivity, health and wealth.
  • Hang wind chimes (preferably on the ceiling of your work space) or Chinese coins (preferable 3, 6 or 8, with 8 being your best bet since it is considered a lucky number for the Chinese) tied together with a red ribbon in your house.
  • Add plants that have red or purple flowers and round leaves to your house.
  • Open your doors to wealth and prosperity. Open doors are symbolic of a good flow of income and wealth. Ensure that your doors open all the way and do not get jammed or stuck in between.
  • Keep your purse, wallet, piggy bank or other signs of wealth in the wealth corners of your house, suitably in the extreme left corner of your bedroom.
  • Your plumbing too plays an important role in the accumulation of wealth and riches. Bad plumbing reflects a poor financial state, so get your plumbing in order for increased wealth.
  • Close your toilet lid and plug your drains when not being used, otherwise it can drain away your wealth and leave you high and dry.
  • According to the Chinese, the stove has a positive relation with money. So ensure that your stove and burners are functioning well and kept clean. If you can, place a mirror near your stove to double the number of burners seen.
  • A mirror placed behind your dining table can make the table appear larger and ensure a constant flow of food and income into your house.
  • Jars filled with spices are also believed to be a good way to attract riches.

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