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Want To Spice Up Your Love Life? Do Yoga Together!

Want To Spice Up Your Love Life? Do Yoga Together!

Fitness has now entered almost every couple’s relationship goal list. With more and more couples wanting to be fit and archive their fitness goals together, new fads such as sex yoga and fitness honeymoons are fast becoming the norm in today’s world. Today we delve into the international trend of sex yoga and how every couple can benefit from it.

  • Sex yoga, as the name suggests, involves yoga postures which aid in better sex life by improving your sexual positions as well as orgasms to ensure you have an absolutely satisfying and gratifying sexual experience!
  • Sex is already reputed to be a fantastic physical workout in itself. The concept of sex yoga takes the best of both sex and yoga to provide you with a complete workout, which will not only leave you sweating (no pun intended), but also burn calories and tone your body better.
  • Sex yoga does not only combine the health benefits derived from yoga and sex, but also guides your body to perform better during sex, thereby ensuring that yours as well as your partner’s needs and fantasies can be completely fulfilled.
  • If you have a steady partner, work out with him/ her, so that you not only have a fitness partner by your side, but also improve your bond with the energies that flow when you work out together.
  • Sex is known to help you discover new heights in your spiritual, mental, physical and emotional journey, as does yoga. Fusing these two activities together can be the ultimate way to boost your wellbeing holistically.
  • Some easy poses that you can try out are the Yogi Sit-Up, Downward Dog, Three-Legged Dog Pose, Cobra, The Frog, Balasana, Ananda Balasana, Savasana, Bridge Pose and Bridge With Kegel. Work out in the class and improve your body postures; try them out with your partner know privacy and spice up your bedroom time.

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