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What Is Silent Retreat? How Can It Benifit You?

What Is Silent Retreat? How Can It Benifit You?

Being in the state of silence for a couple of days is often seen as a peaceful practice in many religious. Meals and accommodations are set aside and only prayers have a main role play. The mantras and hymns are mentally enchanted. Those who desperately wish to speak to such people can speak and convey their messages at the given time.

You can choose any two days for practicing silent retreat. Either a group practice can be done, or it can be carried individually at home. Silence is literally the best form of meditation. The act of silence serves as a nourishing atmosphere that is palpable.


The initial stages of silence can be somewhat painful and hard to bear. There can be sense of loneliness, seclusion, confusion, and unfamiliarity. However, gradually you will start cherishing being quiet. You would not find it needful to waste your energy by explaining things and initiating useless talks. The more peaceful you become internally, the easier it would become for you to withstand silence.  There would be a sheer clarity of vision on a regular practice of silence meditation. Eventually, you will choose longer spans of silence and will get reluctant to give it away.

People who practice silence have a greater intimacy for the world. Periods of not talking keeps the mind settled and relaxed. The pacification of mental state helps to keep the body relaxed. The practitioners of silence have a more vigilant sensory. The birdsongs which used to get ignored earlier can now be heard. We are able to notice more things than before.

The continuity of mind is easier when keep silent. The social interactions keep or brain excessively active and scattered. Some or the other activities tend to linger in our heads because of which important aspects are overlooked. The metal momentum can be attained only by keeping quiet.

Power of Silence

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Silence retreat lets people have a space for themselves.  If you can manage to keep away from the digital life and practice this form of yoga, then there is a possibility for you to generate wisdom. The period of silence gives us the opportunity to focus upon the core values of life.

Keeping silent does not mean to stop speaking. But, it means to stop that mental chatter that has been a stress source for all. When mind is said to experience the aversion of desires and practices analytical thinking, then it can be said that have the outcome of silence meditation.  “Noble silence” gets achieved when the mind gets occupied with confidence, purity and peaceful thoughts.

It is always better to discover yourself in a better way, rather than trying to know what others are doing, saying and thinking. Silence highlights the virtue of humanity and sympathy. A person who keeps silent can generate better rapport than the ones who speaks excessively. Let the deepest connections develop and let your brain feel the tranquility with just two days of silence retreat in weekends.

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