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What Is The Concept Of Soul?

What Is The Concept Of Soul?

Almost all the religions state that soul lives remains eternally alive no matter what. Many people assume soul to have a biblical belief. However, creating a deeper understanding of it, what is the human soul all about? What is its exact history?

Let’s understand the reality behind the existence of soul with a simple incidence that happened few years back in a hospital.  An old man was about to die. He was declared incurable by the best of doctors of the town. The curiosity about the concept of soul made the squad of doctors place the old man in a glass coffin.

All of them were waiting to see what would happen to the surroundings after the old man dies. Anything that would emanate out of the old man’s` body would easily get trapped within the lucid coffin.

After few minutes of battle between life and death, the poor old man finally gave up. He finally left for a heavenly abode. In the meanwhile, doctors witnessed some cracks over the glass coffin which signified that there was some invisible emanation from the body. Perhaps, it was the soul that was set-free after the end of life.

This small incidence proved that the human soul leaves the body after death. However, it remains immortal and keeps changing the human body from time to time. The body may undergo variegated physical changes. It may get impure because of the worldly transitions. However, the soul always remains pure and divine. It is forever clean and free from any imperfections.


The sadness, happiness, achievements and losing are all worldly conceptions. Soul is beyond world pleasures and grieves. It is a part of divine that forever remains neutral in all the life conditions. All the religions; Zoroastrian, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism have a strong belief that after demise, soul either rests in heaven or hell in accordance with the karma.

The discussion about soul has always been a matter of dispute between the believers and the non-believers. Some say that the human soul gets punished in hell aftermath, while others say that it is pure and simply reincarnates itself. Whatever sufferings are there, the body undergoes them during the lifetime itself. The soul does not suffers for it is a part of divine.

Different philosophers have a different outlook to it. The only thing which can be believed is that immaterialism of the soul is the foundation of a human existence. In absence of soul, it is merely impossible for the physical functionalities to take place.

We don’t have batteries installed in ourselves, then how do we talk, eat, laugh and work? Ever imagined how do our body parts automatically work? It’s the inner soul which keeps things working right. It gets directed from the divine power and conducts actions which keep us alive and happy.

If you have any inquisitiveness regarding the notion of soul and its existence, then do post your queries. We’ll surely try to resolve them for you.


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