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When Medical Science Fails, Then Prayers Come to Rescue

When Medical Science Fails, Then Prayers Come to Rescue

There are uncountable incidences when people have unexpectedly recovered from their deadly ailments. There have also been events when prayers have turned the dead alive. The power of prayers gives explanatory results. A prayer that is done from a simple heart has a greater effect than most of the medicines can impart.

Many Christians and the religious followers do not visit hospitals and medical centres as they primarily rely on God. They believe that Christ is the true healer.

Praying Hands

The belief in messiahship is quite eminent by most of the Christian orthodox. The bible itself mentions that the messiah has the power to cure the deaf, blind, lame and sick with the spiritual powers. The bible further mentions that physicians can also cure patients. It has been said that physicians can cure the sick as they too have healing powers.

The role of physicians in the first century itself was to cure people.  Therefore, in other words, there should be a subtle combination of both prayers and medicines for healing the sick and the incurable ones.

Many people have been seen to ask “do miracles happen”. Well, my answer for them would be “yes they do”. When medical science fails and all the therapies witness no outcomes, then prayers come to rescue.

Let us narrate about the story of a little girl Samantha who was suffering from diabetes and was nine by age. She was declared incurable and was about to quit earth for the heavenly abode. All the doctors and physicians had given up hopes. However, her mother had a firm belief in God and his healing powers. She took her daughter home and started giving her the holy water in the name of Christ. All the medicines and treatments were stopped as they were no more meaningful.


The doctors had left Samantha to wait for her final breaths. But, surprisingly Samantha started recovering. Belief on omnipotent gave a new life to Samantha. She could again laugh and smile likes a normal child. Her medical reports too came out normal which was declared truly a miracle by all.

Similar to the example of Samantha, I came across a boy named john who was suffering from psoriasis. His family tried everything to get him normal but the best dermatologists failed to restore his normal condition. There was a series of pain and restlessness because of the constant itching and inflammation.

However, one day he gave up everything and simply left it all upon Christ. Days passed and gradually the boy started recovering. He begun to take regular trips to the church and finally resumed a happy life. He started preaching about the healing powers of God to all and gradually attained divine powers which helped him to cure millions of patients.

There is no end to belief. Just a dedicated heart and unshakable faith is all to receive the magnificent benefits and healing from the divine power. You don’t have to sit round-the-clock to pray. Just, few minutes of hearty remembrance is enough for the good to happen.

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