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Which 10 Hollywood Movies Every Teenager Must Watch?

Which 10 Hollywood Movies Every Teenager Must Watch?

In the present scenario, Hollywood movies have a great impact on teenagers because of their action-packed screencasts, stories and realism. Teenagers all around the world are a great fan of Hollywood movies. Hollywood movies are indeed one of the greatest sources of entertainment for as they cover up a wide range of subjects. The graphics, the plotting and the overall screenplay of these movies are unsurpassable in nature.  The high quality scripts of Hollywood movies are filled with unimaginable action and suspense.  There are innumerable Hollywood movies produced till date. One cannot watch all of them, therefore we have brought a complete filtered list of top ten Hollywood movies that every teenager must watch:-

 1. Kingsman -The Secret Service (2014)  

It is an American Action Spy comedy film based on the comic book named ‘the secret Service”. In this movie, an undercover organisation enrols a crude street kid “Eggsy” into the organisation. He goes through a training programme just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech brilliant Richmond Valentine. This film received huge appreciation from the global observers. The movie was complimented for its action, performance, approach, soundtrack and its dry wit. It’s a must watch film for all the Hollywood movie fans.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

2. Pearl Harbor (2001)

It is combo of American Heroic Historical War and romance.  The movie is a Spectacular and striking action-play. The script of the movie showcases the attack on a ship called pearl harbour in 1941 by the Japanese. The other part of a movie shows love triangle which is equally captivating. The storytelling is superb. Pearl Harbor is one of the exceptional movies which have been nominated for four academy awards.

3. The Notebook (2004)

It is an American romantic movie based on the famous novel written by Nicholas Spark, ”TheNotebook”. This film is based on two young people who fall in love, but get eventually separated due to their social dissimilarities.

4. Snowden (2016)

It is a biographical thriller movie based on the novel named “the Snowden files”. The Movie received mixed review for its suspense and terrific screenplay. One must watch this movie in order to enhance the personal skills.

5. The Conjuring (2013)

Even if you are not a great fan of horror movies, then too you should watch this movie. It is an American horror film which created great fans for the entire Hollywood industry. The movie is based on a family which is being terrorised by an evil presence in their house. The story relates around how the dark presence in the house possesses the body of a woman and how the demonologists tries to help them .The movie actually invokes fear amongst the watchers. Sequels of this movie have also been made.



6. Furious 7(2015)

It is an American action based film. It is the seventh part in the fast and Furious series. The film is starred by Vin Diesel & Brian O’Conner.  Deckard Shaw; former special force agent is in pursuit of revenge against Toretto and his team members for his unconscious brother who is in coma. The movie is filled with stunts, fighting and action scenes. There is also hand to hand combat that has amazing cinematography. Furious 7(2015) is also one of the highest grossing movies in the world wide.

7. Capitan America: Civil War (2016)

It is an action-packed Superhero movie based on the comics. The Movie is a sequel to Captain America (2011) & (2014). Rift arises between Captain America and Iron Man due to political intrusion. Thus two groups are fractured one opposing the other. Civil War is one of the biggest grossing films. The movie script is all about friendship and conflict. It showcases the real time events when conflicts overwhelm friendship.

8. Kick-Ass (2010)

It is an American superhero film based on Mark Millar’s comic book. It is the first part in the series of the kick-ass. It is the story of a normal high school teenager “Dave” who lives with his father alone and is a great comic book fan. He wants to become a superhero and so one day he orders a costume on the internet and then he is being seen fighting with some thugs which later becomes very popular in the you tube and attracts the attention of the New York Mafia boss and thus the story begin. The movie is filled with action and violence. It shows how Dave kicks assess of everyone

9. Letters to Juliet (2010)

It is an American Romantic movie. The film is based on the novel “letters to Juliet”.  It is the story of a young American woman who goes to Italy with her fiancé. Where she comes across to an unanswered letters by a Claire smith to whom she writes a letter. And then at the end of the week Claire smith arrives in Italy with his handsome grandson to meet the American woman and to retrieve the letters. The young woman and the Claire grandson take an instant hate to each other. Thus the story revolves around the grandson and the woman of how loves develop between them and how both of them help Claire to find her lost lover.



10. Avatar (2009)

It is a science fiction film directed by the James Cameron. The movie encompasses a story of a former marine “Jack Sully”. He is sent to the moon Pandora on a mission where he gets torn between following the orders from his superiors and to protecting the people of the Pandora. The best epic movie is all about how the marine protects along with balancing everything in his life.

These are the best movies that all the teens should watch. “Captain America” as an overblown action movie, “Avatar” as the best science -fiction movie,  Furious 7 for watching car stunts and street races, ”Snowden” for getting thrilled, “Kingsman for watching the amazing “the hand-to-hand battle scenes, and “The notebook” for watching a realistic romantic movie.

The above movies are so Well and Brilliantly written. And these are fantastic movies in each and every genre from situation comedies to crime thrillers. They are incredibly witty and give you great tips on how to converse with people. You learn a lot.

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