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Why Do We Suffer?

Why Do We Suffer?

The catastrophes of life can captivate you at any point of time without giving any prior warnings. The sudden traumas can generate eternal disasters without answering the question “why”.  Human life is taken parlay to sufferings. If you are born as a human, then sufferings shall definitely encounter you no matter how spiritual you are.

However, talking about the reasons, there is no convincing explanation that can tell so as to why we suffer so much.  Sufferings are experienced by all of us. Even Jesus could not avoid sufferings and became victim to gruel situations. He died in distressing circumstances that are really distressing and agonistic.


Is it really true that you suffer because God hates you? Do you think can a creator hate his own creation? Why is there a sense of negativity when you suffer? Embrace it, for the lord shall heal it for you. Do not fear when you have a faith in him. God may burn you, but eventually he will heal you as well. All the happenings that take place are for a reason. They may not provide you an instant explanation. But, with passage of time, you will get all your inquisitiveness resolved.

“The sense of bliss can be only felt when you have ever been tormented”

The same situation throughout the life shall make it boredom. Hence, the omnipotent keeps on changing the situations so that the spice of life is maintained. He fortifies you and compensates you for every all the hard time bestowed.

Sufferings are inevitable. It’s a part of mankind. The major reason behind sufferings as mentioned in bible;

“Humans try to do a lot of evil things because of which they suffer. God never wanted the world to suffer. But, the evil deeds end up in bestowing sufferings as their repercussions”

Poverty, wars and hatred are not really the creation of spiritual. These generate because the humans out rightly reject the methods of God. Mournfully, the innocent ones encounter the maximum part of the sufferings.


The duration of human sufferings have a direct pertinence with the deeds. If we have a long list of evil deed in the past, then it is quite possible for us to have a prolonged duration of sufferings. Whereas, if the good deeds are more than the bliss won’t delay in embracing us. The mental peace and the eternal sanctity shall always be at our disposal once we learn to understand the significance of a human life.

The pleasuring evil deeds are momentous, but their outcomes are eternal. The moment you neglect the inner voice, you must prepare to reap repercussions for the same. There is no specific time for the sufferings to encounter the human stigma. But, definitely the occurring is pre-decided. Expose yourself lesser to the bad if you want to subdue sufferings.

Restore the faith in God even if you suffer, for he is the healer”

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