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Why It’s All About Having a Positive Attitude?

Why It’s All About Having a Positive Attitude?

The ultimate goal of one’s life is being happy. Whatever a man does in his entire life is just make his loved ones happy. Often it has been noticed that people forget to stay positive amidst all the events of life. They knowingly or unknowingly pull negative energy to their work. It is essential to keep in mind that no matter how small or big the work is positive attitude and mind frame is the most important pre-requisite. Ninety percent of the task is already completed when you think,
“I can do it.”

Our attitude defines our life. Once a man becomes cynical and negative, he won’t be able to see anything good and his life will only be a story of tragedies as if he is a disaster magnet. It is an ancient saying, “What you are is what you attract.”


How can you have a positive attitude?

  • Optimism: Start your job with a good thought, with gratefulness and finally with an intention to serve. If not serve then at least not disturb.
  • A happy attitude: Crying has never solved any problem in the history of mankind nor it will. Happiness is contagious. Stay happy and make others happy. And trust us on this one when we say that it increases productivity of a man many folds.
  • Positive Thinking: Over or under estimating/judging/complaining/ blaming/crying/being emotional will take you nowhere. Always have an attitude of positivity. Even in the worst-case scenarios, there must be something positive. Look for that and take inspiration from that.
  • Creativity: Creativity is a very powerful tool to beam up any type of situation. It is often neglected but when used properly can create magic!
  • Constructive approach: Demolition is an easy process but constructing something might take up a long time. Yet, a constructive approach to anything is an easy task and when amalgamated with creativity can break any kind of deadlock. Always have a constructive approach to any situation.

Benefits of a Positive Attitude –

  • Recognising Opportunities: You become a go-getter. The energy of the positive mind-frame opens your vision and you seek opportunities easily.
  • Failure seems like a lesson: With a negative attitude, failure would demoralise you but with a positive attitude, they will seem like life lessons and blessings in disguise.


  • Self-Confidence: It boosts up your self-confidence and morale. You start believing in your capabilities. This is the most important thing to achieve something. Anything!


  • Inspiration: Positive attitude inspires you. It is just like a roller coaster which only goes high. It matters not with what and where someone is born, but how and what they will grow to be.


  • Solutions: Positivity encourages you to go for solutions rather than spending all the time discussing on the problem. People are loved when they positive, my friend!  


Lastly, in the words of Headmaster Dumbledore,

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one   remembers to turn on the light.”

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