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Why People Cheat In A Relationship?

Why People Cheat In A Relationship?

Infidelity or cheating has been practiced by many in relationships. While being in a relationship often people get attracted to others, this happens because some of them can’t resist keeping multiple partners or just because something goes missing in their current relationship.

The spark or the passion fades, partners start losing interest and find someone better with whom their thoughts complement well or they find someone new whom they start trusting and whose company gives them happiness. There can be several reasons for partners or spouses to cheat on one another, let’s have a look at the most common ones listed below


Mutual Appreciation

 1. When you stop appreciating your loved one- When was the last time you admired your partner? Think how glad your partner feels to be acknowledged by you. In relationships, people stop noticing the needs and wants of their partners.

It’s a human tendency to feel happy to be loved, valued and admired. Neglecting your partner’s wants can make him feel redundant and undesirable. They can end up looking for someone who values or appreciates them.

2. Finding emotional support- Some also cheat as they are not satisfied emotionally in their present relationship and for emotional subsistence and support, they look for new partners. Some believe that the care and love they show is not reciprocated by their partners. Understanding what your partner wants can help your relation to grow.

3. Lack of communication with your partner- ‘we need to talk’ is a common sentence that your partner must have said to you, but do you actually discuss and talk about what is actually going wrong in your relationship?. Communication barrier creates differences that are never sorted and leads to your partner cheating on you.

4. Excessive possessiveness and insecurity- Excess of anything is bad. Won’t you feel annoyed if your partner doesn’t trust you and inquires each and every time you go out? You will start feeling suffocated and lose interest in such a relationship. Being possessive is not wrong, but you have to understand that there’s a limit to everything. Space and liberty are essential for a happy relationship.


5. The desire for seeking revenge- The one who is suffering in a relationship can have thoughts of hurting his partner or just to make him jealous he can end up cheating. Being insecure in a relationship is a sign of a weak and unsatisfactory relationship. Just to gratify yourself, you cannot end up cheating your partner.

Here the question I would like to ask is; why don’t we let go off or end a relationship rather than cheating? Isn’t it better to part ways than staying in a relationship which doesn’t give you happiness or doesn’t excite you anymore? We have to gather the courage to let go off, if we are not satisfied with our partner.

Partners should understand the needs of each other for a relationship to last longer. They have to discuss what works for them and what doesn’t, and if things don’t work out the way each of them wants it to be you need to put an end to that relation. Cheating can not only hurt your partner’s sentiments but can also develop a feeling of self-guilt in you.

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