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Why Psychologists Are Grateful For Dear Zindagi

Why Psychologists Are Grateful For Dear Zindagi

Our mental health plays an important role in our happiness and even our success, since as they say, “it all begins with the mind”. However, despite path-breaking developments and progress in science and the society at large, mental health issues are still given a step-motherly treatment. Going to a psychologist can seem like a sign of weakness, but it is actually a powerful and positive step which requires courage and strength and makes you even stronger, mentally and emotionally. Gauri Shinde’s Dear Zindagi emphasises this issue beautifully with Alia Bhatt’s Kiara meeting Shah Rukh Khan’s Jehangir Khan aka Jag, to resolve her issues of insomnia, depression, emotional baggage, anger management and other psychological dilemmas. It is high time we understand that mental illnesses are no trivial matter and are equally important, if not more, as bodily ailments. Today we give you a lowdown on four mental health issues which the psychologists are grateful that the movie brought to light.

Insomnia: Insomnia, a common issue that affects millions of people all over the world, is generally dismissed as a minor problem which may have no long-lasting consequences. But besides affecting our productivity and energy levels due to lack of sleep, insomnia can become a chronic health issue and must be resolved speedily. Studies show that a major reason for insomnia is depression, anxiety and stress. So it becomes vital to take a chill pill and pay a visit to a psychologist, who can understand your problems at the root level and help you cope with the same, as Kiara did by meeting Jag.

Depression: A major cause for most suicide cases and violent activities, depression is only recently being given the attention and sensitivity it requires. But a study has revealed even now, only a third of those suffering from the disorder get the medical assistance they need. Such a scenario can be attributed to fear of social stigma. But it is time that people realise the importance of understanding and coping with the ailment, since it is negatively affecting the society and destroying the lives of the victims as well as their loved ones. A person faces depression due to excessive stress which can be a result of to not being able to cope with high expectations, peer pressure, parental pressure and other seemingly innocuous habits that people have cultivated and encouraged since a long time. A weak mind affects your entire wellbeing and therefore your career, relationships and other important areas of your life. So it makes sense to stop hiding in the shadows and bring your issues out in the light, so you can quickly get the help you require.

Extreme anger: Anger is a natural emotion witnessed in every entity, be it a human being or animal, when disturbed, threatened or wronged in any way. But the matter becomes serious when it shoots up to alarming levels and manifests in the form of abuse, be it physical, mental or emotional. At such times, it becomes crucial to address it at the earliest, since it can erupt and destroy the life of the person and also those near and dear to him. Psychological counselling can play a positive role in this matter by helping the person understand the underlying causes for it and get over them as soon as possible.

Panic attack: Panic attacks can occur when a person is excessively stressed about anything, be it an examination or a board meeting or a relationship issue. Common emotions that surface during a panic attack include anxiety, fear, nervousness, restlessness, sweating, breathlessness, nausea and palpitations. They may be overcome within a matter of seconds or minutes, but they must not be dismissed and neglected. An early visit to a counsellor can help you deal with panic attacks in a calm and mature manner and ensure they do not resurface to destroy your life.

A mental illness is a common issue and is as natural as a viral fever or migraine, but it is only when we neglect it that it can become cancer in our lives. So if you are facing any mental health issues or know of someone who is doing so, do not hesitate to visit a psychiatrist or a psychologist and get it treated at the earliest for a better and happier life.

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