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Why We Love Pets and Why They Love Us

Why We Love Pets and Why They Love Us

Nurturing Pets In A Soulful Way

he relationship between a pet and its owner has always been quite fundamental in nature. The deep-rooted relationship has been found to influence the lives of both the pet and the owner.

This relationship depends on a lot of factors like which animal has been selected as the pet, what is the lifespan of that animal, whether the pet is an outdoor or indoor creature, and many other factors. Different animals respond to things differently and henceforth play different roles.

Dogs are a more prominently kept as pets. However, some people may choose cats, birdie animals, and even wild animals as their pets.  



The bond between animals and humans has been known to exist since the epic era. The same has been depicted in variegated historical evidence as well. The way in which animals and humans interact with each other is both mutually beneficial as well as essential for their well-being. They both need each other in one or the other way.

In earlier times, animals were kept for the purpose of farming, protection, hunting etc. but that notion has been changed over time. Now, people are more responsive to animal rights and treat them more emotionally and sensitively when kept as pets.

The best thing a pet does in the life of a person is to provide him with emotional support. It has been found that having a pet not only improves the mental and emotional stability of a person, it also proves effective for long term psychological health. “A dog can dirty your shoes, but it would never break your heart” says Ana Johnson, a leading vet.

Puppy love

Puppy Love

With a pet in your life, you have someone with whom you can share all your emotional troubles. A pet encourages conversation, touch and laughter – things which are required for the wellbeing of a human. They inculcate a sense of responsibility in the owner for caring, nurturing and training the pet.

Besides, emotional well-being, pets stimulate physical health of the owner in many ways. For example – pets are found to improve the immunity of infants against infection along with preventing mental disorders. Many times, pet have been seen to bring positive effects to the babies suffering from them by altering the brain chemistry.

Pets protect the children of their owners against other animal attacks and treat their babies as their own responsibility. With the passage of time, the relationship between the pet and the owner, like all bonds gets bettered and fortified. Nowadays, people have upgraded their ways of caring and nurturing pets. Many pet owners are depending upon developmental methods and special techniques of pet care.

Likewise humans, animals also have feelings and sentiments that need care. Keeping a pet not only triggers love and affection but also sets the owner free from various problems. A dog accompanies you without expectations or complaints. It loves the owner unconditionally. The ones who own pets know how it exactly feels to have someone who just wants your wellbeing and happiness.

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