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Will You Take Our Vacation Challenge? We Dare You!

Will You Take Our Vacation Challenge? We Dare You!

The holiday season is coming up and it is certainly the most exciting time of the year for everyone. At least a week off from work and the daily grind and we are sure you want to put that time to good use!  And we are sure you must be dying to post some cool pics on your social media of the party madness you indulge in. However, there are many other ways to use the holiday time at hand, apart from merrymaking. And since being different is the coolest thing to do this season, we dare you to do some non-clichéd things which are sure to leave you de-stressed, closer to yourself and family and help make the world a better place.

Travel Solo:  Pack your bags and set off to explore the countryside! But do it differently by fixing a meagre budget. So travel by bus, hitchhike, cycle or use any other means which help you keep the budget to a bare minimum. Discover new places, new people, new ideas and new tastes! And come back having discovered a new side to yourself.

Declutter: Stop procrastinating and throw out those old broken things lying about home. Clean up your room, vacuum your house, get the dust, old junk, magazines, newspapers et al out of your living space. Besides keeping dirt and dust at bay and warding off infections and allergies, cleaning your house can free up space and allow you to store those precious knick knacks from your travel or memoirs from your creative workshop! Who knows, you may even find some long-lost item which you had needed so badly earlier!



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Learn something new: Constant learning keeps your grey cells active and prevents Alzheimer’s, broadens your mind and makes it flexible and open to new experiences and change. So sign up for a dance course and learn to tango if you wish, or shed your inhibitions and sing your heart out! Or learn how to invest and manage your finances better or if you wish to indulge a little more in your creative side, attend a pot-making, painting or any other creative workshop. The ocean of learning is vast, so you have an endless range of options to choose from to further your intellectual pursuits.

Renew bonds: Vacations can be a great time to spend time with family and friends by catching up on news over a hot cuppa coffee, sumptuous lunch/ dinner or a short stay! Spending time with your loved ones can fill you with a sense of calmness and happiness, which you may not find even after travelling the whole world. And this quality time will help you strengthen your bond.

Give back to the society: Volunteer with a NGO, conduct a workshop with street kids, feed some hungry people or spread some love at an old-age home. There are a million ways to give back to the society we live in and help make the world a better place. Donating your money is the easiest thing you can do, but giving your time counts for more.  Doing charity work fulfills you in ways which no amount of amount of travelling and partying can do and gives you a sense of purpose and happiness. After all, watching the grateful smile of someone who had been in need is a huge reward in itself.

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